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Oh, Fox. Foxy, fox fox. No.

just burn fox to the ground

with everyone inside

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"This is what Obama’s had to deal with for the past four years."

Definite sympathy for him.


Screengrab via the flag-waving Fox Nation

SFist’s photos of a messier-than-usualaftermath at Fort Mason last Saturday got the right wingers frothing at the mouth, apparently. After the story was picked up by the Huffington Post, conservative bloggers from the Gateway Pundit

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Today I posted an image called “Fox News killed my mother.” Because it did. It was the most widely circulated image I’ve ever posted. But, after about and hour I could no longer read any of the comments. Still can’t. And some of you have messaged me to say you can’t see it. So here it is again. This time, my explanation will be in the first comment instead of here. Basically my mother fell and refused to go to the doctor because she was afraid that “Obamacare” would get information about her and use it in their “death panels.” Since then several of you shared identical experiences. This is how their fear mongering is killing our nation, one person at a time, one lie at a time.
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Daryl Cagle / MSNBC.com

Poll here

What the heck? We were at 69% the other day, now we’re down to 57%?

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Michelle Malkin makes the claim that Occupy Wall Street is 99% white. It hurts my irony bone for someone on Fox News to criticize a social movement for being “99% white.” It hurts real bad.

According to Malkin:

“The protesters have taken to calling themselves the ‘99 percent’ in the country, labeling the capitalists they wish to remove from power the other ‘1 percent.’ When Occupy Wall Street activists call themselves the ‘99 percent,’ it turns out they mean 99 percent non-diverse (by their own politically correct measurements). It’s as pale out there at Camp Alinsky as MSNBC’s prime-time lineup or the New York Times editorial board. Not counting the cameos by Jesse Jackson and Cornel West, that is.”

Uh-huh… love the photo choice showing a rather diverse crowd, Fox Nation. I don’t need to debunk your claim since you, um, did it yourselves.


h/t to Media Matters

 Oh, Malkin, you race-baiting fact-mangler, you.


While Fox News has largely ignored recent debates over marriage equality, it hasn’t suddenly become gay-friendly — it’s merely focusing on a new target, what it calls “indoctrination” of children with positive information about LGBT people, according to an analysis by Equality Matters.

From The Advocate

Not surprised, it’s FOX News.



Bill O’Reilly Loses His Own Poll

He claims his data was skewed. And by skewed, I think he means fairly gathered



Wow, way to own up, O’Reilly.

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